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donate to break the cycle of poverty through knowledge for underprivileged children

Help sponsor educational programs, scholarships, and learning resources for underprivileged children, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty through knowledge

donate to empowering women 78% of women to participate in the workforc

Support our cause to empower women and be a catalyst for empowering women 78% of women in Kenya to participate more actively in the workforce.

help 67% of people in rural Kenya without access to WASH facilities

Improve hygiene, health, and overall well-being in 67% of people in rural Kenya without access to sanitation facilities.

Ensure food security for vulnerable communities through sustainable farm

Fund initiatives that promote sustainable farming practices and ensure food security for vulnerable communities.

donate to cover deficiency of essential school supplies

Cover the deficiency of essential learning materials for half of students in primary schools that do not have adequate textbooks.

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only 10% of Kenya's rural populations has internet access

Provide digital access to 90% of Kenya’s rural populations without internet access.

only 30% of parents from marginalized communities participate in their children's education

Support initiatives that foster stronger involvement of 70% of parents and communities their children’s education.

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Ensure food security for vulnerable communities through sustainable farm

Give your support to programs that ensure access to menstrual health resources for 90% of schools girls in need.

only 20% of teachers in Kenya know culturally sensitive teaching methods

Enhance culturally sensitive teacher training for 90% of teachers in Kenya for more inclusive education.

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Empower your community to get involved by organizing fundraising events on behalf of the Soina Foundation. Whether it’s a charity run, a bake sale, or an online campaign, your efforts contribute to our collective impact. Contact us for resources and support in organizing your event.

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