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The Anita Soina story starts from a young Maasai woman from Kenya, a positive social change catalyst and environmental activist. She founded the Soina Foundation which seeks to uplift historically marginalized and underrepresented populations through behavioral change in social issues such as sexual reproductive health education, GBV, WASH, education, among others in affected rural communities. Anita is also a TedX speaker, the author of “The Green War,” and an SDG Champion.

The Environmentalist by Passion

Her work has seen her become an ambassador of Wild About Life Campaigns, a joint initiative of The nature conservancy, Northern Rangelands Trust, Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Association, and Light Art club. Anita is passionate about social change, and her primary focus is on environmental policy.

Water and Climate Change Advocate from the Maasai Community

With the modern-day global warming surge and Kenya’s significant loss of forest cover, Anita has dedicated her life to the protection of the environment.

Watch DW’s Anita Soina story on the devastating effects of climate on marginalized groups in Kenya on Daily Motion.

Anita Soina: A Maasai climate warrior (Credit: Eco AFrica, DW English)

Today, Anita focuses her activism on water security as well as good sanitation practices in order to protect the world’s remaining resources. Being an SDG Champion, she was recently elected as the Global Youth Champion for the UN-hosted Sanitation and Water for All global partnership (SWA).

Men too are victims of GBV, rape among other issues. We need to come together as a society to advocate for gender equity without creating a space for ‘Gender War’ of gender A vs B but all genders united for a course.

Anita Soina,
Environmental Activist
Brand Ambassador, Book Author
Digital Manager/Digital Influencer

The Author

Anita wrote a book called “The Green War” where she shares her current journey, challenges, and future plans to stop environmental degradation. For her efforts, she was nominated to represent Kenya in international conferences such as COP 26 in the UK, UNEA 5, Stockholm plus 50 in Sweden, Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Rwanda, and COP 27.

The Illuminating Anita Soina Story

In the 2022 general elections, Anita was the youngest candidate to run for the position of Member of Parliament in Kenya. At the age of 18, she founded Spice-Warriors-Organization with a strong inclination towards environmental issues, to bring together youths and individuals from different fields of careers to champion environment conservation.

meet founder Anita Soina of the Soina Foundation

The courage that I had at a very young age in spaces such as political spaces that were taken to be for older people put me in spaces that introduced me to who I am today, what I stand for and the solutions I am trying to provide.

award wining Advoate Anita Soina

Compelling Anita Soina story affirms her passion for activism and a love for understanding what is going on in her country started in high school, where she chaired her local scouting club and took a keen interest in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Anita’s environmental projects started with tree planting, and she gradually moved to more significant steps to protect the planet.

Anita Soina story COP 27

Ms. Soina hopes to use her voice to advocate for social justice on water, sanitation, and hygiene issues globally. Overall, the activism and service of Anita runs deep, and she continues to inspire change and champion for a better world to live in.

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the Soina Foundation, passionately champions SDG 4—Quality Education. We address challenges like poor sanitation and menstrual hygiene management, ensuring girls stay in school during menstruation. By adopting schools and supporting girls with menstrual products, alongside initiatives like book drives, we mobilize resources for learning materials in rural areas. Join us in the pursuit of accessible and quality education for all.

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Anita Soina is an environmentalist by passion, water and climate change advocate from the Maasai community, and the author of the book Green War

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