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Trust in our commitment to accountability and responsible stewardship as we unveil our major donor contributions, reserves management, and future financial plans. Join us on a journey of openness and transparency, shaping a sustainable future for positive social impact.

Financial Disclosure of the Soina Foundation

At the core of the Soina Foundation’s mission lies an unwavering commitment to transparency, a commitment we uphold with utmost diligence in our financial practices.

This comprehensive financial disclosure serves as a transparent window into the financial workings of our organization, ensuring that our stakeholders and the public are well-informed about the allocation and utilization of funds.

  1. Income Sources:
    The lifeblood of our foundation is the support we receive from various quarters. Our income primarily stems from donations, grants, and proceeds from fundraising events. These diverse sources enable us to fulfill our mission and bring about positive change in marginalized communities1.
  2. Expense Breakdown:
    Understanding how funds are utilized is pivotal for maintaining trust. We meticulously break down our expenditures into three main categories: program-related costs, administrative expenses, and fundraising expenditures. This breakdown provides a clear overview of how resources are allocated across different aspects of our operations.
  3. Budget Allocation:
    A key aspect of financial transparency is articulating how funds are distributed among different programs and operational areas. Our budget allocation strategy is designed to align with our mission, ensuring that resources are directed where they can have the most significant impact.
  4. Financial Statements:
    For a detailed snapshot of our financial health, we present essential financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. These statements offer a comprehensive view of our financial performance, highlighting our assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses.
  5. Auditor’s Report:
    To bolster the credibility of our financial disclosures, we engage independent auditors to review our financial statements. The auditor’s report provides assurance that our financial information is accurate and in accordance with established accounting principles.
  6. Comparative Analysis:
    In the spirit of transparency and accountability, we present a comparative analysis of financial data from the current reporting period alongside data from previous periods. This allows stakeholders to track our financial performance, identify trends, and understand how our financial landscape evolves over time.
  7. Reserves and Surpluses:
    We maintain reserves and, at times, surpluses to ensure the long-term sustainability of our initiatives. These financial resources are managed prudently, and we provide insights into how reserves and surpluses contribute to the continuity and growth of our mission.
  8. Major Donor Contributions:
    Acknowledging the vital role of our supporters, we openly disclose information about major donors and the extent of their contributions. This transparency not only recognizes the generosity of our supporters but also underscores our commitment to openness about our financial support base.
  9. Debt and Liabilities:
    To paint a complete financial picture, we disclose any outstanding debts or liabilities. This information is crucial for stakeholders to understand our financial obligations and commitments, ensuring a transparent view of our financial standing.
  10. Financial Policies:
    Clear guidelines govern our financial practices. These policies encompass investment guidelines, expense reimbursement protocols, and other financial frameworks that guide our decision-making processes. Sharing these policies enhances transparency by elucidating the principles that underpin our financial management.
  11. Future Financial Plans:
    Looking ahead, we outline our future financial plans and strategies. This forward-looking approach provides stakeholders with insights into our vision for financial sustainability and the steps we intend to take to secure the future of the Soina Foundation.

In presenting this comprehensive financial disclosure, the Soina Foundation seeks to reinforce the principles of openness, accountability, and responsible financial stewardship. We believe that by sharing a transparent account of our financial activities, we not only honor the trust placed in us by our supporters but also invite scrutiny that ultimately strengthens our commitment to positive impact and transformative change in marginalized communities.

NGOs with multiple offices are more open about their activities than those with only one office, and global NGOs share more information than local ones, according to the findings.2
New disclosure index for Non-Governmental Organizations


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